Maritza is an amazing fitness professional with  years of nearly 30 years of experience in the health and wellness industry.  The wisdom and knowledge that she has acquired during that time is immeasurable, and fortunately her clients get to reap the rewards as she provides them with individual instruction and personal coaching to achieve their desired goals.  When I worked with Maritza she listened very attentively to my particular health and fitness needs and together we were able to come together to get me back on track.  She recommended her amazing  detox and juicing program, which helped kick start my cleanse and fitness program.  To be honest, I have never been better or felt better in a long time.  I am very grateful for the time Maritza took to work with me and redirect me on the path I am in now... Stronger and better in my 40's than ever before.  

- Mariela Fuentes



Over the last 20 years, I've had the privilege and benefit of having Maritza as my dearest friend, drill sergeant, mentor, lifestyle consultant and fitness / yoga guru. She has transformed her style to another level of strength and balance through mind and body. She has guided me through her LiYa Method, and made me realize the total benefits of a physical and mental challenge. She offers her whole self to every client and makes sure you are engaged and inspired. I have experienced the evolution of Maritza's, The LiYa Method, and she stills manages to make me SWEAT!! 

-  Tammy Mager



When learning yoga the connection you have with your teacher is important.  Maritza is the perfect fit. She has an energy that makes you feel comfortable and safe.  She has pushed me in a positive way. I have become more flexible, stronger and toned practicing with Maritza. I have also learned to make myself more present and balanced in and outside her LiYa Method classes. 

 -  Allison Rosenberg



I am so grateful to have found Maritza Dearing and The LiYa Method. The class is a perfect  fusion of yoga and cardio. It leaves my body feeling stretched and strengthened and my mind peaceful, focused and energized. Maritza is a wonderful teacher; always offering variations on each pose and providing personalized attention for each student. Thank you for all that you do!

Maryana Beyder 



Thank you very much for showing us the way to be physically and spiritually balanced by practicing The LiYa Method Gentle Yoga.  We appreciate your gifts of time and talent!  

- Your Senior friends at The First Presbyterian Churh of Engelwood, NJ







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