Nutrition & Food

Low Calorie Salad


Suggestions on nutrition and food.


LiYa Life Green Smoothie

Start your day with this green smoothie.


The Yummiest French Toast!

Challah Bread - Orange Zest French Toast


LiYa Life Smoothies

We're obsessed with this smoothie bowl!


Not your typical sweet

potato fries.

We love these sweet potato oven baked fries by

The Vegan Six.


LiYa Life Snacks

Try these homemade vegan nut free granola bars.

Child Holding Fresh Produce

Happy and Healthy Kids

How eating healthy foods can help kids with their moods.  

Apple Pie

Our favorite dessert made healthier and still as delicious.

LiYa Life Meals

Quinoa mix of goodness.

Smoothie Bowls

Berry smoothie bowl with a side of oatmeal.  Delish!

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