"Surrender and don't worry, be happy."

                               - Jose' J. Moncada

Living a happy and healthy lifestyle isn't just about making healthy meal choices and exercising.  While those are major components, it also includes embracing life all in itself and actually living it with purpose, joy, love and service.


Creating your own joy by making the choice to be happy, as well as surrounding yourself with positive people who will enhance your life. Making every moment count by being present and embracing whatever comes as a time to learn and continuing to blossom.


Respecting and loving yourself enough to offer yourself fullfillment by doing things you love and continuing to add and checking off that bucket list.


Allowing yourself to know the truth about yourself, seek healing to continue growth, and being the best that you can be every day for yourself and others.  


Creating and living the life you want and deserve to live. That is being Happy and Healthy. If you're not there yet, why not begin right now... Live LiYa Life! 


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