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"Surrender and don't worry, be happy."

- Jose' J. Moncada

Living a happy and healthy lifestyle isn't just about making healthy meal choices and exercising.  While those are major components, it also includes embracing life all in itself and actually living it with purpose, joy, love and service.  Let's learn to create our own joy by making the choice to be happy, as well as surrounding ourselves with positive people who will enhance our life. Making every moment count by being present and embracing whatever comes as a time to learn and continuing to blossom. Respecting and loving ourselves enough to offer ourselves fulfillment by doing things we love and continuing to add and checking off that bucket list.  Allowing ourselves to know the truth about ourselves, seeking healing to continue growth, and being the best that we can be every day for ourselves and others.  Creating and living the life we want and deserve to live.... That is being Happy and Healthy. If you're not there yet, why not begin right now...

Live LiYa Life! 


Woman Sitting on Roof

Time with Self

5 ways to immediately begin making time for yourself.

Notebook and Pen


How writing can help re-organize and release negative thoughts

and emotions.

Pink Bath Tub


Try these self-care rituals.


Begin your day with this 5 minute meditation.

Table-Top-Book-Coffee-Template-Mockup (1

40 Day Social Media



Are you willing to give up social media for 40 days?  Here's why you should consider it. 

By Author

Masumi Goldman


Luxury Real Estate

New Jersey Real Estate is in high demand.  Check out these listings.

Workout with Dumbbells

Working Out



Working In

Could working out be causing more stress to the body? 

By Greg Schmaus

Holistic Trainer

Eiffel Tower Paris


Traveling these days can be challenging, but is still possible.  Here are some things to keep in mind.

By Stefany Moncada

Independent Travel Advisor

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