Our mission is to offer superior customer service to the residents and guests of our residential communities and partner studios, and to inspire and empower them on their journey to live a happy and healthy life by

having the convenience of our fitness, wellness and lifestyle services at their fingertips.

LiYa Life Co. Concierge serves as a Wellness and Lifestyle Concierge for luxury residential communities, hotels, corporate health clubs and spas.  It specializes in establishing fitness, yoga and other wellness programs and offers residents/guests easy access to our healthy lifestyle services.


Founded and managed by Maritza Dearing, a veteran wellness professional and residential health club manager with over 30 years of experience, LiYa Life Co. has a proven track record at health clubs and spas throughout New Jersey and New York.

Allow your residents and guests to indulge in the new trends of the various fitness and wellness services, and live a happy, healthy and pampered lifestyle right within the convenience of their own community.


We are confident that LiYa Life Co. Concierge will complement all aspects of your establishment.




Fitness and wellness  

Virtual Live Group Classes and Private Sessions


Due to Covid-19 pandemic, most of our resident/guest services are being offered online.  We offer weekly group classes and private fitness and yoga sessions, as well as workshops via Zoom. We also offer private wellness and life coaching.  To further discuss this program, please email us. 


Health Club and Spa Development and Design


LiYa Life Co. works closely with you from concept to completion.  By following key points of demographics, marketing, and finances, our team will help coordinate all designs, layouts, purchasing and maintenance of any equipment necessary.  We will ensure to achieve and exceed the goals you have in mind by developing a “state-of-the art” health club and / or spa for your community.



Health Club and Spa Specialists


Our staff members are educated within the health and fitness, beauty and aesthetics, medical and/or business field.  These experts can analyze to help you achieve a successfully managed facility and help you capitalize from start to finish.  They will create and deliver programs and services that will keep your residents / guests satisfied and eager to continue their attendance.



Fitness Programming


LiYa Method Yoga – created by Maritza Dearing - Yoga, Pilates Mat, Zumba, Barre Fitness Classes, Bootcamp, Kettel Ball Training, Kickboxing, Spinning, Belly Dance, Aqua, Weight Training, Active Adult Exercise, Children’s Movement, Kid's Yoga, Mommy and Me Yoga, Baby and Me Fitness, Sports Specific Training (tennis, swimming, etc), One-to-one Personal training, and many more…


Each of our fitness specialists are extensively trained, certified and insured.  They will create and execute a program of group fitness classes and one-to-one personal instruction that is custom designed for your club users.  Regardless of age and fitness level, we can offer just the right mix of exercise options to fit their needs.


In an effort to keep residents and guests updated with the latest fitness and wellness trends, we like to schedule frequent fitness events and workshops.  A separate fee applies, to be paid by participants.  



Wellness Meet-Up Groups


Wellness Meet-Up Groups are held by our professional fitness experts to support those amidst their healthy transformation process.   This support group is in class form and all is discussed from the urges of uncontrollable indulging, depression, personal experiences, learning new recipes to becoming more fashionably fit.  (This is one of our most popular classes!)


“In-home” and “On-location” Spa Services


“In-home” spa services are available to all residents and guests.  Our Spa specialists will conveniently set up their treatment tables and products, creating a zenful spa environment at the resident's unit.  A 24-hour notice is required for reserving appointments to help keep scheduling organized.


“On-location” spas are designed for communities that have even the smallest available space.  This Spa setting usually runs by appointment only and allows 1 to 2 treatment tables at a time. 



Spa Services


Spa services include various massage therapies and modalities such as Thai, Stone, Swedish, Shiatsu, Medical, Sports, Aromatherapy, Rain Drop Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Slimming and trimming, many integrated methods, and Reiki Energy Healing.


Various Manicures and Pedicures, facials, waxing, threading, salon, make-up applications and lessons, and Spa parties are also available.



Event Planning


All communities are offered two fitness or social events per year.  One of which is the “Opening Event” when we introduce our company and services to your community.  Special offers and features can consist of LiYa Healthy Choice Brunches, demo fitness classes, free personal training sessions, 10-minute chair massages and other massage practices, nutritional and inspirational speakers, beauty aids, health and wellness seminars, and so much more.


All the services are complimentary during the events.



Pool Operations and Management


Our Pool Operations and Management affiliate has over 25 years of experience.  All certified and licensed pool operators are equipped with the latest chemistry kits and tools.  With weekly preventive maintenance visits, they will help improve filter performance and limit filter replacements.  You will experience maximum energy efficiency and insure a safe and healthy swimming environment.


Lifestyle Concierge      

Our Lifestyle concierge provides the finest services from the finest professionals and companies for any occasion.   


*Prepared Healthy Food Delivery Service

*Healthy Kitchen Transformation

*Personal Fitness and Wellness Coaches

*Transformation Coaches

*Life Coaches

*Children’s Fun

*Fashion Consultants / Stylists

*Personal Shoppers

*Mobile Salon and Spa Services

*Make – up Application and lessons

*Professional Organizers

*Home Decorators

*Feng Shui Consultants

*Professional Photographers

*Event Planners for all occasions

Contact us for more information.



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