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"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. 

When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."



 A spiritual communion with God or any being of worship


Prayer - thought of as “for the asking” can never be over emphasized in my life.  Maintaining a healthy relationship with something greater than myself has helped me feel a sense of calm, humility and gratefulness.  For me, Prayer is communication.




Intention, Awareness, Stillness, Quiet, Listening, Being Present


Meditation – a time to “listen” has been known to offer physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits.  Allow yourself the gift of clarity and “quiet time.”  Close your eyes and simply listen to your breathe and be open to receive the messages from God / Universe.  




Mantras are sounds in the Sanskrit language that affect our consciousness. Sanskrit is the Hindu language that was written so that there are 51 different sounds that resonate with 51 Nadis (channels) of our Chakra system.  You may also use a word, or a series of words that help you focus on a positive outcome.  


Chanting mantras has been known to offer many benefits depending on the mantra of choice.     


One of my favorite Mantras:


Lord Ganesha – Obstacle breaker - Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha  



Chakra Balance 

Energy medicine


Chakra in Sanskrit translates as “wheel or disc” and as the phrase, “spinning wheel of energy.” Our seven Chakras are located midline of the body.  They are responsible for our physical, emotional and spiritual function.  When out of balance or closed, they are known to be inactive, inoperative and not in normal state and will affect our total well-being.  By frequently practicing the following Chakra balance exercise, one can bring themselves back to equilibrium.


A simple exercise to explore and balance your Chakras…


Remember that there is a front – Rajas – and a back – Tamas – to our Chakras.  Sit in a quiet place with eyes closed in a comfortable position.  Begin with the Root Chakra – below the spine – and move up towards the Crown – top of head.  Envision a ray of light filling the energy center point or Chakra from front to back, all around and back to center.  With focus and awareness gradually move the light upward into the next Chakra until the light is evenly glowing throughout all the Chakras. 




Union or Integration


Yoga practice offers many profound physical, mental and spiritual benefits -  Body, Mind, and Spirit. 


One of the most important aspects of Yoga is the use of Prana – the breath or vital energy.  Yoga integrates the focus of prana along with holding Asanas – poses – or while flowing from one asana to another.  It also helps bring body awareness while moving into the pose and staying in the present moment. 


Some of the benefits Yoga practice will offer are:  Improve flexibility, strength, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, lower stress, even assist in staying committed to achieving weight loss and total well-being.   The right side, left side form of practicing offers a way to maintain balance of all sorts from within.  It inspires peace, tranquility, happiness, health, self-acceptance, self-awareness, and self-love as well as in others and so much more.



Creating a picture so vivid in your mind of your truest desire, can help you manifest them into a true reality.  Close your eyes and make that picture as clear as if you were truly living it.  Feel all the emotions, speak the words out loud and be thankful even before it has come.


Vision Boards 


Displaying a board with pictures, sayings, articles of the things you want to create in your life will offer you a daily reminder of what it is you are striving for.  Placing it in an area where you will look at it often will maintain that constant picture in your mind, making sure you keep moving forward to making your dreams a reality.


Decide and Act


Acting upon any decision means you have made a true commitment.  Keep your word to yourself or better yet, to someone else who will commit to reminding you to keeping your word.  Decide, Act and keep moving forward to accomplishing your dreams.


Body Balance


Pamper and treat yourself to a reiki session, massage, body scrub, facial, or a Spa / Yoga Retreat and give your mind and body the time to heal and rejuvenate. 


Offer yourself self-care and self-love, and you'll be better to care for and love others. 




Stay tuned to my blog for updates.  



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