LiYa Life co. is a wellness and lifestyle brand founded by wellness professional, Maritza Dearing. It includes:, an online lifestyle and wellness studio where you'll find all things yoga, fitness, wellness, beauty and style.  LiYa Life co. Concierge, which services luxury residential fitness centers and spas with their wellness services.  LiYa Method Yoga, a fitness-infused yoga method created to attract high performance fitness lovers (like herself) and teach them to balance body, mind and spirit.  LiYa Method Yoga Online, in collaboration with Yoga International where you can practice yoga with Maritza online anytime, anywhere.


Maritza has been creating innovative fitness programs for over 30 years.  She is a results-oriented Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, a Yoga Teacher, a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, an Inspirational Speaker, a certified Reiki Master, and was a Health Club Manager for three exclusive luxury residential health clubs in New York City.  


She first gained her popularity while teaching one of the most intense high/low impact aerobics and cardio bootcamp classes for over 15 years in Bergen County, New Jersey attracting over 100 participants per class.  Her passion for helping others is apparent in her ability to inspire and motivate individuals whether it is through weight loss or simply through life experiences by taking a simple, effective and fun approach.


Maritza is best known for her versatility as a group and personal fitness instructor by teaching classes such as High/Low Impact Aerobics, Indoor and Outdoor Cardio Bootcamp, Bride-to-be Bootcamp, Bosu Ball, TRX Training, HIIT, Indoor cycling, Mommy and me Fitness, Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy Fitness, Pilates mat and Yoga.  She has taught in reputable fitness centers such as Bally’s, Crunch, Equinox and Workout World. She has also combined various techniques as well as her own to create LiYa Method Yoga.


Her committed roster of clients has ranged from celebrities, professional athletes, executives, to brides-to-be, mommies-to-be, new mommies, children, and seniors.  She has also worked very closely with adult and child obesity cases, post-therapeutic exercising, sports specific training and clients with multiple sclerosis.  As a freelance writer, Maritza has provided content and has been a guest blogger for several fitness and lifestyle websites. She has also been featured in several magazines and was a cover model for Bergen County's 201 Magazine.  She has worked closely with the Latino community as a wellness expert and has been featured in the podcast, Cuerpo y Mente with Univision's Liliana Ayende. 


Maritza is very committed to her charitable involvements always volunteering and finding ways to give back.  She works very closely with local churches and family centers, voluntarily establishing fitness and wellness programs for children and seniors.  She has also been committed to helping the NJ Child Services and is an advocate for eradicating Child and Adult obesity and Child Abuse. 

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