Reiki Energy Healing

Updated: Jan 28

Energy healing for body, mind and spirit.

The word Reiki means: Universal Life Force Energy

Rei: universal

Ki: life force

Reiki originated in Japan, and is considered a holistic form of therapy to heal energy.

It can help heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues of any kind. It can help you feel more relaxed, balanced, and clear.

How it works:

A Reiki practitioner is used as a vessel for the life force energy (reiki energy) to move through. By placing their hands slightly over specific parts of the body, it's passed onto the recipient. Reiki energy flows through the body removing negative or depleted energy and replenishes it with positive and good energized life force. This allows the body to recharge. The energy is then passed on to heal the emotional, spiritual and physical body as it may need. While the energy is being transferred into the body, one may feel as sense of heat, cold, tingling, or nothing. Everyone responds to it differently. All that is required is for the recipient to believe in the life force energy and to be open to receive it's offerings. While many receive immediate results in the first session, it is suggested to have several sessions after to stay balanced.

Distant or Absent Reiki Energy Healing can be performed while the practitioner and recipient aren't within physical proximity. Using the recipient's energetic essence, the practitioner follows reiki protocol to connect with them from afar. The practitioner may use a picture or write down the person's name or specific situation to help visualize, but not always necessary. From the moment the practitioner invites reiki energy into the session, the healing energy begins.

If you'd like to experience a session, please email us at

Now also offering Virtual Reiki Energy Healing sessions. Find out more here.

Sending you lots of Love and Light.

xo Maritza

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