Flexibility and Mobility

The difference between the two and how they complement each other.

Flexibility and Mobility are both important physical actions in our daily lives, and even though they are two different concepts, they often complement each other.

Flexibility is when a joint is being passively assisted through a range of motion. For instance, when a trainer assists you through a butterfly stretch to test your flexibility at your hips and groin. Mobility is when you are actively involving a joint through a range of motion by doing the work yourself as you would in a standing straight leg lift with a gentle swing, incorporating muscles such as hamstrings, quadriceps, and hip joints. The key is knowing when to perform them, as both are equally important.

Flexibility or passive stretching is best performed after workouts or any athletic activity as your nervous system is being signaled to relax and wine down while you are stretching, therefore the main reason why one shouldn’t passively stretch before intense physical activity where more injury may occur. At this time muscles are also warmer, in turn the best time to focus on deeper stretching.

Mobility or active stretching is best performed while warming up before any physical activity. Motion stimulates the nervous system as well as the synovial fluid (which lubricates the joints) to prepare them for what’s to come, thus resulting in better and more powerful performances during your workouts.

So when thinking on which to perform first, always remember……

Mobility (motion or active stretching) = warming up muscles = better and injury free performance.

Flexibility (passive or static stretching) = relaxing and cooling down warm muscles = deeper stretching for better recovery.

Always sending you lots of Love and Light.


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