Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Body, Mind and Spirit.

Definition of Yoga: To unite or integrate

OM: Pronounced AUM. In Hinduism has a most profound concept, which represents both the

unmanifested and manifested aspects of God.

Namaste: A Hindu greeting used everyday in India and in Yoga studios around the world, which has a variety of definitions all referring to Honor, Love, Light, Truth and Peace.

Yoga practice offers many profound physical, mental and spiritual benefits -  Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

Benefits: Yoga practice has numerous benefits for good health and well-being. The physical postures called Asanas, have been known to stimulate circulation, the organs, flexibility, and strength. It has also been known to assist in reducing heart disease, lowering blood pressure and anxiety levels. The breathing practice, called Prana has been known to assist respiratory and maintain a calm state of mind. The right side, left side form of practicing offers a way to maintain balance of all sorts from within.  It inspires peace, tranquility, happiness, health, self-acceptance, self-awareness, and self-love, as well as in others and so much more. Many other benefits are, balanced and happier moods, more focus, more energy, better sleeping patterns, weight loss, and promotes control of body and mind. It will also benefit the improvement of flexibility, strength, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, lower stress, even assist in staying committed to achieving weight loss and total well-being.  

Some of the many types of Yoga include Hatha (basic); Vinyasa (breath synchronized movement); Ashtanga or Power Yoga (intense and my favorite); Iyengar (hold poses vs. flow); Kundalini (known as the yoga of awareness); Bikram (hot yoga).

Anybody can do Yoga. As a mom of three, and entrepreneur, an avid distant runner and high performance exercise lover, practicing Yoga for over 20 years has allowed me to maintain the balance I need from my high speed days….Body, Mind and Spirit. I also incorporate Yoga in all of my non-yogi client’s workout programs and they have found that there is no better way to end their workout and maintain the focus they need to continue making the healthiest choices for themselves.

Practicing Yoga does not have to take you an hour or going to a Yoga studio (although I do encourage you to take the best classes you can take), you can practice with a 10 minute routine right in your own home. Even if only doing 10-20 Sun Salutations, you can see a noticeable difference in your breathing, your body function and your flexibility.

If you wish, practice with me online on Yoga International. Start your 30 day Free Trial today! For further questions you can reach me directly at

Sending you lots of Love and Light.

xo Maritza

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