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Based on nearly three decades of experience as a yoga and fitness instructor, and healthy lifestyle coach, Maritza has created LiYa Method Yoga.  This method provides a series of tools for you to maximize your mental and physical potential by transforming your mind, body and awakening the soul. 


 LiYa Method Yoga offers a series of classes where you'll find a wonderful fusion of yoga, cardio, strength, toning and flexibility to create longer, leaner muscles and burn fat.  More importantly, LMY will bring you to a place of center where you will find a greater awareness of "self" to create the path for living your highest potential.  By applying a detox program, menu plans and a series of workouts, your body will begin to cleanse, heal, and strengthen itself in preparation for more consistent and rapid weight loss with longevity and total well-being. 


While attending The Fashion Institute of Technology at the age of 18,  Maritza became a certified group fitness instructor teaching classes on a part-time basis.  Soon after,  she  also became a certified personal trainer, falling in love with the world of health and fitness.  Fascinated by the mechanics of the physical body, she started paying closer attention and understanding more about the differences in every individuals physical structure and function and how everyone’s body responded differently to exercise and diet.  After teaching one of the most intense high impact aerobics classes for almost 15 years, she recognized the effects of wear and tear on the body from so much repetitive impact.  Trying to create a relief of the constant impact on the joints and muscles, within that time she began to incorporate “manual strength body movements” along with light weights creating a popular High/Low Impact Cardio Bootcamp class, which attracted over 100 people in a class, including many professional athletes. 


Maritza’s experience with many clients who had Multiple Sclerosis also contributed to a stronger awareness of how delicate the physical body can be and in working closely with Neurologists, Neuro-surgeons, and Physical Therapists, she has been able to broaden her knowledge to create fitness programs which help the body balance between being effectively active while preventing injury.


In 2000, Maritza discovered a new love for the practice of Yoga, which she began to apply to her already popular rendition, today known as LiYa Lean Body Flow.  


LBF  includes a combination of cardio moves, functional training body movements, calisthenics, light weights, along with a sequence of Yoga poses, all in a flow format.  This method offers a complete total body workout along with focusing on the breath, as well as maintaining the mind present with every move and pose.  This class has attracted more sports specific training individuals such as outdoor cyclist, runners, golfers, and other professional athletes.  


LM Yoga Level l  is a beginners class, offering  an introduction to yoga with gentle asanas (poses).  It focuses on how to work your way into applying proper form  for each asana, as well as using proper breathing pattterns.  This  class  is recommended to take before moving into any Level II/III classes. 


LM Yoga Level ll/lll  is an intermediate / advanced yoga class often taught in a power flow format.  Inversions also accompany this fun and energy boosting class. 


LiYa Mommy and Me Yoga Fitness  offers a combination of yoga and functional training moves Mommies can perform with their little ones.  


Yoga for Kids is a fun introduction to yoga for children of all levels.  Children learn to relate asanas to most of our natural elements, as a way to remember the asanas by.  


With a beginners and an intermediate/advanced series of these classes, you will find LiYa Method Yoga favorable to individuals of all fitness levels.










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