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Balance your body, mind and spirit.

LiYa Method Yoga offers a series of classes where you'll find a wonderful fusion of

yoga, cardio, strength, toning and flexibility to create longer, leaner muscles and burn fat.  

Based on three decades of experience and a results driven fitness and yoga teacher, 

Maritza Dearing created this method to attract high performance fitness 

lovers (like herself) to learn how to balance the body and mind. 

LiYa Method Yoga provides a series of tools and beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for you to maximize your mental and physical potential by transforming

your mind and body to reach your highest self. 

In Studio Classes 

We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga and fitness classes for adults, teens and children, as well as Pre-natal and mommy and me.

All studios are closed during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

Partner Studio

Our partner studio SoJo Spa Club in Edgewater is one of New Jersey's most luxurious spas with magnificent views of New York City along the Hudson River. 


SoJo Spa Club Yoga Schedule   

Tatiana Teo Photography by Tatiana Teo

While attending The Fashion Institute of Technology at the age of 18,  Maritza became a certified group fitness instructor teaching classes on a part-time basis.  Falling in love with the world of fitness and wellness, soon after she  also became a certified personal trainer.  Fascinated by the mechanics of the physical body, she started paying closer attention and understanding more about the differences in every individuals physical structure and function and how everyone’s body responded differently to exercise and diet.  After teaching one of the most intense high impact aerobics classes for almost 15 years, she recognized the effects of wear and tear on the body from so much repetitive impact.  Trying to create a relief of the constant impact on the joints and muscles, within that time she began to incorporate “manual strength body movements” along with light weights creating a popular high/low impact cardio bootcamp class, which attracted over 100 people in a class including many professional athletes. 


Maritza’s experience with many clients who had Multiple Sclerosis also contributed to a stronger awareness of how delicate the physical body can be and in working closely with Neurologists, Neuro-surgeons, and Physical Therapists, she has been able to broaden her knowledge to create fitness programs which help the body balance between being effectively active while preventing injury.


In 2000, Maritza discovered a new love for the practice of Yoga, which she began to apply to her already popular rendition 

today known as LiYa Lean Body Flow.  

What some of our students are saying...

When learning yoga the connection you have with your teacher is important.  Maritza is the perfect fit. She has an energy that makes you feel comfortable and safe.  She has pushed me in a positive way. I have become more flexible, stronger and toned practicing with Maritza. I have also learned to make myself more present and balanced in and outside her LiYa Method classes. 

 -  Allison Rosenberg

Over the last 20 years, I've had the privilege and benefit of having Maritza as my dearest friend, drill sergeant, mentor, lifestyle consultant and fitness / yoga guru. She has transformed her style to another level of strength and balance through mind and body. She has guided me through her LiYa Method, and made me realize the total benefits of a physical and mental challenge. She offers her whole self to every client and makes sure you are engaged and inspired. I have experienced the evolution of Maritza's, The LiYa Method, and she stills manages to make me SWEAT!! 

-  Tammy Mager

Thank you very much for showing us the way to be physically and spiritually balanced by practicing the LiYa Method Gentle Yoga.  We appreciate your gifts of time and talent!  

- Your Senior friends at

The First Presbyterian Churh of Engelwood, NJ

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