Children Meditating

LiYa Butterfly Yogis

Introducing children to yoga at an early age can help them learn healthy lifestyle habits and set the

foundation for a more peaceful and happier future.

Butterfly Yogis method offers a combination of fitness, yoga and mindfulness practices to help empower children. 

With a fun and effective approach, our Butterfly Yogis learn functional fitness moves, basic yoga poses and meditations to help them balance emotions and find peace and happiness at anytime. They learn to communicate clearly and how to manage emotions that help them cope with stress, anxiety and any uncomfortable situations that may arise. 

All which helps them become more confident with themselves and create higher self-esteem.

Ages range from:

3-5 years old

6-8 years old

9-11 years old 

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Self acceptance

Self confidence

Self esteem

Self awareness

Self Love

Enhances concentration

Body Balance

Mind Balance

Body strength



Good Posture

Inner happiness

Inner peace




Make healthier choices for body and mind

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