Health & Wellness

Woman Sleeping

Can't Sleep?

8 Ways to better slumber for you and your kids.

Girl Checking Her Phone

The 40-Day Fast You Need

Boost your creativity and regain clarity with this 40-day social media fast. 

Think you can do it?

By Masumi Goldman

Table-Top-Book-Coffee-Template-Mockup (1

Rise and Thrive

By Masumi Goldman

A guide to living a well rounded life with Chronic Illness.  A must read for total well-being.

Drinking Green Juice

LiYa Life Smoothies

Smoothies for good health.  Try this recipe!

Yoga at Home


Try this 5 minute mediation every morning.

Healthy Cooking

Nutrition and Food

Nutrition and good health.


22 Days Nutrition

Pea Protein

This Protein is POWERED by USDA Organic Plants, loaded with Essential Amino Acids and BCAA's to help BUILD Muscles, DECREASE Muscle SORENESS or just POWER you

through your day.

Fit Girl

Working In


Working Out

Could working out be causing more stress to the body? 

By Greg Schmaus

Holistic Trainer

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