Balance your body, mind and spirit.

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Welcome to LiYa Life!

We are committed to inspire and empower you on your journey

to living a happy and healthy life - body, mind and spirit. 

Whether you wish to practice yoga and workout at our studios, online or virtual live classes,

we are here to serve you in all things wellness anytime, anywhere.

With beginners, intermediate to advance yoga classes, you'll find ways to move your body, connect with yourself and feel great.  We also offer Pre-natal Yoga, Mommy and me Yoga and Yoga for Teens.


Tatiana Teo Photography by Tatiana Teo


We share many ways to train from anywhere: HIIT, Functional Training, Pilates Mat, Light weight training and so much more.

Fitness Class


We offer various meditations, training and techniques to help with anxiety, sleep, creativity, relaxation and total well-being.


Access healthy, fun and easy recipes from our meal plan, including our LiYa Life Detox Plan.  

Raspberry Pancake

Yoga, fitness, meditation and fun snack recipes for children of all ages.

School Kids Meditating

Practice Online

Join Maritza on her weekly live stream classes or online anytime, anywhere.

Maritza Dearing is a wife, a mom of three young kids, an entrepreneur and living her passion and life's purpose. She discovered her love for yoga in the early 2000's and it has been her way of life ever since.  A veteran group fitness instructor, personal trainer, healthy lifestyle coach, Reiki Master and luxury residential health club manager, Maritza has over 30 years of experience in various aspects of the fitness and wellness industry.  Her desire to help others is apparent in her ability to inspire and motivate individuals, whether it's through weight loss or through life experiences by taking a simple, effective and fun approach. 

LiYa Method Yoga, a fitness-infused yoga method, was created to attract high-performance fitness lovers (like herself) and teach them the benefits of balancing body, mind and spirit. was created to shared all the elements of lifestyle that Maritza loves most; Yoga, Fitness, Wellness, Beauty, and Style.  In 1999 Maritza also founded LiYa Life co. Concierge to service luxury residential fitness centers and spas with their yoga, fitness, wellness and lifestyle services. 



Tatiana Teo Photography by Tatiana Teo

Regardless of fitness level or lifestyle

We are here to serve and help guide you. 


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